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The World Tourism Organization Network (UNWTO) defines sustainable tourism as “taking full account of current and future economic, social and environmental impacts to meet the needs of visitors, industry, the environment and hosting communities”.

local girl on a boat in Chiloe

Environmental Sustainability

We are concerned with the efficient use of resources to minimize emissions and waste generation. Some of our commitments are:

  • Correct and timely maintenance of all our vehicles.

  • The NO use disposable plastic water bottles.

  • Recycling of all our non-organic waste.

  • A percentage of all of our sales go to a reforestation fund for the archipelago.

cooking in Chiloe

Economic Sustainability

At Chiloé Natural we understand that our economic sustainability is subject to the economic development of all suppliers involved in our business. Some of our commitments in this area are:

  • Supporting the processes of our suppliers in the regularization of activities and services required by authorities.

  • Preference for local produce and services.

  • Prompt payment to suppliers and collaborators.

visiting an organic farm and greenhouse in Chiloe

Social Sustainability

The actions of Chiloé Natural always try to be useful to the conservation, respect and promotion of the traditions and the ethical rights of local communities on the archipelago. Some of our actions in this area are:

  • Active members of the  Corporación de Turismo Chiloé Sustentable.

  • On-going training of guides and employees on the value of Cultural Heritage.

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