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Special Interests

Scientific Tourism

Scientific Tourism or guests visiting Chiloe and Patagonia for more specific reasons is a recurrent inquiry we receive more and more often. Having spent most of our life on the archipelago and having always a curious mind, we have befriended and formed a circle of fellow chilotes and scientists who have helped us in guiding and interpreting so many features the island has. With its rich biodiversity, ancient forests, and diverse ecosystems, Chiloé presents an ideal destination for nature lovers and researchers alike. Visitors can embark on immersive expeditions to study the island's distinctive flora and fauna, including endemic species such as the Chiloé fox and Darwin's frog. The island's intriguing geological formations, including impressive sea caves and towering cliffs, also attract geologists and geographers seeking to unravel the region's geological history. Moreover, Chiloé's vibrant cultural heritage, expressed through its colorful architecture and traditional practices, offers anthropologists and sociologists a fascinating lens into the island's past and present. In essence, Chiloé's scientific tourism presents an unparalleled opportunity to explore the intricate connections between nature, culture, and science in a truly captivating setting.

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