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Full day

East Coast, Coastal Towns

In this excursion we will go from your hotel in Castro, we will take the road towards the east that will take us to the town of Quemchi where the writer and National Literature Award, Francisco Coleane has deep roots. We will visit his Museum House and continue to Isla Aucar also, called Island of the Sailing Souls by Coleane, which we will reach by a wooden walkway more than 500 meters long. We will continue to Colo where the smallest of the world heritage churches of Chiloe is located. We will afterwards go to Tenaun and San Juan where besides visiting their world heritage churches, we will visit a shipyard where wooden boats are built. On our way back to Castro we will stop in Dalcahue to visit its world heritage church as well as its crafts market. The return to Castro is approximately at 5:30 pm.

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