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Kayaking in Chiloe

We can offer diferent kayaking experiences in Chiloe. Our most requested and liked are the half day kayaking in the Fjord of Castro and our highly recommended and exclusive Kayaking@Dawn in the Sunken Forest.

Half Day

Kayaking the Castro Fjord

We will begin the kayaking with a brief introduction and safety talk about the activity we will do and the correct use of the equipment. We will carry out a navigation of approximately 3 hours in kayak (level 1) visiting the stilt houses of Pedro Montt and the headland of Ten Ten.

Depending on the tide and weather conditions, the guide will decide if it is possible to cross to the area of Quento/Tongoy. If not we will stay on  the east bank of the fjord going up the Gamboa river. We will enjoy a healthy and energetic snack while kayaking before returning to the dock where we began the activity.

Overnight in Chepu

Kayak @ Dawn in the Sunken Forest

This is one of our favorite activities as it becomes surreal to kayak into the mist of the sunken forest of the Chepu River where the land dropped in 1960 with the strongest earthquake ever registered by mankind and a tsunami flooded the valley leaving dead tree trunks as a silent witness of this natural catastrophe.

For this exclusive excursion, we depart Castro in the late afternoon to lodge at a local farm in Chepu where we will have an early dinner and head for some rest as we have an early start the next day. We will head to the pier in the dark where we will get on our kayaks, enjoy a hot beverage and a snack and start paddling upriver toward the sunken forest of Chepu. we will paddle for 2 to 3 hours amidst dead trees and the mist of the river at that unique time of the day. We will then head back to where we slept for a proper chilote farm breakfast with the local produce the replenish all that energy before heading back to Castro at lunchtime.

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