Tantauco Park

foxParque Tantauco, with an area of 118,000 hectares, is a pioneer conservation project of Fundación Futuro. Located in Chile, on southern Chiloé Island you will find activities for the whole family – such as trekking on spectacular walks and beaches and visiting our orchard and experimental garden center – as well as comfortable accommodation at a hostel in Inio. If you are looking for adventure, there are long, high-difficulty trails in the park to wander and explore for several days, where you can enjoy the shelters, camp and discover the local flora and fauna.

Parque Tantauco is a non-profit, nature conservation project, open to the local community, as well as to national and international visitors. The park is open all year with affordable entry fees to suit all kind of interests and schedules.

Chiloe Natural offers 1 day excursions to the northern side of the Park and week long trekking expeditions across the park. For more info contact us via email or phone.